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Egg Tray Production Line Operation--OALVAND


Egg Tray Production Line Operation

A complete egg tray pulp molded production line consists of Stock Preparation System Section, Egg Tray Molding Machine Section, Continuous Drying Oven and Conveyor System, Process Instrumentation, Instrument and Control Panels, Jobsite Installation Materials, Auxiliary Equipment, etc.

Egg Tray Pulping Process
1. Turn on auto water feeding switch. Adding 50%-70% water inside drum of hydraulic pulper. Adding weighted waster paper inside the hydraulic pulper.
2. After auto time-controlling. The ready pulp is pumped into vibration screen machine. Which will be diluted by adding water. Impurities will be separated automatically.
3. After processing. The ready pulp will flow into #3 pulp pool. Which will be pumped into pulp milling machine. Where the pulp will be refined again. After separating and diluting, the pulp will be adjusted by automatic pulp concentration unit. The ready pulp will be pumped into #1 or #3 pulp pool.
4. Chemical additives will be added by auto chemical adding unit. It ' s gauging pump.

Egg Tray Molding Process
1. Star molding machine. Turn on automatic exchanging controller. Pump ready pulp from #1 or #2 pulp pool into molding machine. The extra pulp will flow feedback into #3 pulp pool automatically.
2. The water separated by vacuum pump will be feeded into air water separator by high pressure pump. After processing the water will flow into water pool for recycle usage.
3. The molding machine is equipped with a auto cleaning unit which is used in cleaning mould continuously during production. One pressure water pump will be used in feeding clean water for the auto cleaning unit.

Egg Tray Drying & Conveying
1. Egg trays will be put on the feeder of drying tunnel by egg tray transferring unit.

Egg Tray Reshaping and Parking
1. The dry egg tray will be collected and packed by auto counting and packing unit in the receiving part of the drying tunnel. The egg box with cover will be reshaped by reshaping machine before packing.
2. Finished products in warehouse.


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